Dynamic Leadership of Innovation Teams

"If you only look on the surface, you will miss many opportunities!"

2 day class: 

  • Thinking Outside-the-Box

  • Leading Creative Teams by Example

  • Mind Mapping

  • 6 Competencies of Dynamic Leaders

  • Motivation styles and techniques

Great examples of innovative techniques to generate new ideas. Great self-reflection of myself, change starts with the “man-in-the-mirror”. This training showed me how to reflect on myself and change myself before I want to change others.
— Raja Mariam Ruzila, Sr. Staff Researcher, Minos Berhad
Training and trainer (Michael Wader) was great. Helped me to improve and sharpen my leadership skills. Explanation was very clear, materials were very useful.
— Anthony Selvarajan, Sr. Print Officer,Girsecke-Devirent, Malaysia