We provide simple tools for all levels of Personnel,
Together they can produce extraordinary results!

With fast-paced learning and real world examples from your industry, your employees will move your company into a more competitive position. They will speed up cycle time, identify and remove waste, and reduce the cost of operations.


Never Stop Learning

We can help you lead the Lean Implementation you are looking for and avoid the mistakes most organizations make. The number one cause of failed attempts to implement Lean Technology is poor leadership. The number two cause for failure is lack of persistence.

Our training is for those organizations who are ready for change and ready to overcome the challenges Lean implementation present. 

Our vast international experience across diverse industries can help you to be successful at implementing a Lean culture that gets employees involved at all levels for company-wide success. 




Basic Lean Tools

for all Industries

Basic Lean Tools For All Industries

in USA, India, Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei

Choose from the 9 classes below that best meets your needs:


2 day classes:

  1. Introduction to Lean Tools Introduction to Lean Technology and the Lean Tools available for making improvements.

  2. Lean Leadership Understanding Leadership responsibilities in Lean implementation.

  3. Lean Assessment Identifying and quantifying hidden waste. 

3 day classes:

  1. Value Stream Mapping Identifying the Value-Added and Non-Value-Added steps within processes. 

  2. Visual Workspace Visual Controls to enhance productivity.

  3. 5S and Visual Controls Blending Lean Tools to enhance the effectiveness of workplace organization.

  4. SMED (Quick Changeovers) Drastically reducing machine changeover times.

  5. TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) Reducing downtime and improving machine efficiency.

  6. Train the Lean Trainer Learn the training skills needed to teach Lean Technology.


Contact us to customize the training to meet your needs

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Advanced Lean Tools

for Innovative Problem Solving Teams

Advanced Lean TOOLs for innovative problem solving teams

in USA, India, Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei


Select the 2 day class that meets your needs:

  1. Root Cause Analysis Learning how to identify the root cause of problems and generate corrective actions.

  2. Creative Problem Solving Learn the basics of Creative Idea Generation to solve complex problems with teamwork.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Root Cause Analysis

Michael was very organized and well prepared with useful materials, closely related to our job and work. Great case studies!
— Janet Chew, Sourcing Manager Asia, Kimberly Clark
The trainer (Michael Wader) is superb and well experienced. Lecture was in a good way, easy to understand. Many things can be learned from this class, very beneficial.
— Shamim A. Khan, Asst. Manager, AEON

Creative Problem Solving

Great training with excellent trainer (Michael Wader) who taught us how to think outside-the-box and think creatively! Very interesting class!
— Kamsiah Binti Ibrahim, Manager, Advanced Air Traffic Systems
Crazy & Wonderful! Full of crazy ideas that will help me to be more innovative.
— Robin Chua, Sr. Product Marketing Mgr., ATOTECH, Malaysia


Lean Expert Training

Lean Expert Training

in USA, India, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia

  • 5 weeks (25 days) of training spread over 6 months
  • Includes hands-on training on 7 Basic Lean Tools
  • Includes completion of a Lean Project


This is a highly INTERactive (HANDS-ON) course with 75 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of REAL SHOP floor experience. THE Trainer has More than 20 years of experience of implementing Lean techniques in shops and offices around the world.

If you want to have your own internal “Lean Experts” to implement Lean techniques, lower operational costs and become more competitive, this course is for you!

“I believe in teaching you how to implement Lean, not doing it for you!”
— Michael Wader
This training has opened our eyes and prepared us to greatly lower our
operational costs to compete more aggressively in the global market!
— Nickoli Viadimir, Director Lean Improvements Office VSMPO, Salda, Russia