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Advanced Lean Tools

for Innovative Problem Solving Teams

Advanced Lean TOOLs for innovative problem solving teams

in USA, India, Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei


Select the 2 day class that meets your needs:

  1. Root Cause Analysis Learning how to identify the root cause of problems and generate corrective actions.

  2. Creative Problem Solving Learn the basics of Creative Idea Generation to solve complex problems with teamwork.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Root Cause Analysis

Michael was very organized and well prepared with useful materials, closely related to our job and work. Great case studies!
— Janet Chew, Sourcing Manager Asia, Kimberly Clark
The trainer (Michael Wader) is superb and well experienced. Lecture was in a good way, easy to understand. Many things can be learned from this class, very beneficial.
— Shamim A. Khan, Asst. Manager, AEON

Creative Problem Solving

Great training with excellent trainer (Michael Wader) who taught us how to think outside-the-box and think creatively! Very interesting class!
— Kamsiah Binti Ibrahim, Manager, Advanced Air Traffic Systems
Crazy & Wonderful! Full of crazy ideas that will help me to be more innovative.
— Robin Chua, Sr. Product Marketing Mgr., ATOTECH, Malaysia