Michael T. Wader

Past President of Leadership Excellence International Inc. USA,
Senior Lean Trainer for Expitris Worldwide, Malaysia,
Senior Advisor and Trainer for Center OrgProm, St. Petersburg, Russia

I have more than 40 years of hands-on experience in implementing Lean Technology and Leadership principles, including 22 years of mentoring, coaching, teaching and consulting experience in 15 countries.

The reward for the work I do actually goes well beyond the incredible cost savings and return-on-investment we produce for our clients – there's a deeper satisfaction of knowing we help people of all nationalities. We don't need more things in this world to divide people – instead, we like to think we unite people and contribute to a prosperous-for-all international economy, and ultimately, an international well-being.


Industry experience

Railroad, automotive, oil field, aviation, tire manufacturing, paint, motorcycles, cosmetics, electronic components, power generation, banking, consumer products, medical devices, aluminum, steel and titanium foundries, Public Transportation with Electric Buses and aviation manufacturing/servicing.

International experience

  • United States of America

  • Singapore

  • Russian Federation

  • Indonesia

  • Brunei

  • Ukraine

  • Taiwan

  • Brazil

  • Thailand

  • Kenya

  • Malaysia

  • India

  • Korea

  • Sri Lanka

  • Myanmar

  • Kazakhstan



To inspire and motivate positive changes in leaders and organizations.



To provide training and coaching to international leaders and organizations to improve their competitive advantage.


Some of my international clients


Some of my Associates that I highly recommend


Guarantee TNG – Combination of Lean methods production and Leadership skills necessary to manage an innovative enterprise! www.guarantee-tng.com.ua kd@guarantee-tng.com.ua


Winning Ways Management, Inc. – Systematic Solutions in Project Management, Strategic Planning, and Customer Service. www.winning-ways.com


Stiles Associates, LLC – If you are looking for Good, Qualified, candidates for open positions to lead implementation of Lean Manufacturing and/or Six Sigma as full time employees, or if you want a position as a full time employee implementing Lean Manufacturing and/or Six Sigma, contact Jake Stiles at Linford E. Stiles Associates, L.L.C. www.leanexecs.com


Center OrgProm – Your Russian provider of Lean Manufacturing training and consulting in Russia. They are the largest provider of successful implementation of Lean practices at some of Russia’s largest manufacturing companies. Contact them at www.orgprom.ru


Institute of Management, Innovation and Business Analysis (IMIBA) – Training and consulting of innovation technologies and skills in management: Lean Manufacturing, business analysis, process management, project management, transformation of business architecture and corporate culture in the transition to a digital enterprise. Contact them at www.imibaspb.ru


Create the Best of You, CBY Solutions – The leading consultant and trainer for Leadership style and branding. To improve your executive image and stand head and shoulders above the competition this is the man to turn to. romy@cby.solutions

Expitris Worldwide – In Malaysia and Southeast Asia, they are your best solution when looking for Lean Manufacturing training and consulting. All of my Lean Technology and Leadership classes can be arranged through them at www.expitris.info    

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“Vision without Action is just dreaming,
Action without Vision is wasted effort,
Vision plus Action can make you a successful leader!”
— Michael Wader